Meet Daniel Abayomi.

Currently leading design efforts at Wallets Africa (YC W19), focusing on end-to-end Product Design, including product strategy, visual design, interaction design and prototyping. Experience working in consumer tech, finance, enterprise, blockchain, non-profits and healthcare industries.

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selected projects


TRM is an enterprise SaaS solution that automates loan recoveries and communications within finance institutions.

Reinventing an awe-inspiring experience for swimmers

SwimFit is a fitness technology framework developed for swimmers of all levels. Its aim is to offer swimming enthusiasts or professionals water prowess.

MyEstate Mobile App(Redesign)

An estate management and automation system that controls activities pertaining to tenant individual homes.


PaeBack is a solution designed for managing, escalating, and recovering excess debit charges deducted by financial institutions on customer bank accounts.

Orula Logistics

Orula Logistics App is a delivery application aimed to solve the common problems that individuals and organizations face when sending out parcels.

Mobile Banking Authentication: A UX Case Study

The idea of this case study is to look into the pain and frustration experienced by users when registering or logging in to Mobile Banking Apps